Proxon Brush & Roller

Precision Tools for Construction
PROXON BRUSH AND ROLLER Feature synthetic bristles and polyester construction for precise manual application, ensuring optimal construction performance.


Proxon Brush:
Proxon Roller:


Proxon Brush and Roller, ideal for manual coating, enhance efficiency in construction. Versatile tools for touch-ups, repairs, and large surfaces with consistent and precise application.

Shelf Life

The Proxon Brush and Roller, when handled & cleaned appropriately, maintain optimal performance over an extended period. Regular inspections & adherence to safety guidelines contribute to their prolonged shelf life in construction applications.

How to use?

Apply coatings with Proxon Brush, featuring synthetic bristles for manual work and a green plastic handle for proper handling. The Proxon Roller, with polyester bristles, offers optimal coverage. Follow safety guidelines, clean both tools thoroughly, after each use for prolonged performance.

Brush’s Specifications

Roller’s Specifications

Safety Measures

Prioritize safety by using Proxon Brush and Roller with appropriate personal protective. equipment. Follow safety guidelines for handling, cleaning, and storing the tools. Consult safety labels and guidelines provided by Proxon to ensure a secure working environment in construction applications.

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