Proxon Inj Packers

Steel packers for precision grouting
PROXON INJ PACKERS (P65/100/150/200): Durable EN-A1 steel packers for precise injection grouting in diverse construction applications.



Versatile packers are suitable for epoxy/polyurethane injection, crack sealing, all types of concrete grouting, waterproofing, and structural strengthening. Ideal for injection work at any stage of new construction projects.

Shelf Life

The PROXON INJ PACKERS offer long-lasting performance with proper usage. Regular maintenance and storage ensure durability, providing reliable results in injection grouting applications over an extended period.

How to use?

Identify, mark, and drill 10mm holes at a 45-degree angle. Install packers, tighten, and pack around them. Prepare injection equipment and inject specified resin at recommended pressures for effective grouting.


Safety Measures

Prioritize safety during installation and injection. Use appropriate protective gear, follow recommended drilling practices, and adhere to specified injection pressures. Ensure proper handling of materials to minimize risks and ensure a safe working environment.

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