Proxon Exp Joint Plate

Expansion Joint Plate
Durable aluminum cover plates (Sizes:100/150/200/300 mm, AA1100 grade) offer precise expansion joint solutions. Ideal for flexibility, isolation, and efficiency in construction.



The Expansion Joint Cover Plates suit diverse construction needs—interior and exterior applications, from expansion control systems to parking structures, open-air plazas. They include provisions for fire-rated assemblies and moisture barriers in exterior expansion joint systems.

Shelf Life

The Expansion Joint Cover Plates, made of durable aluminum with various thickness options, offer long-lasting performance. Regular inspections and proper maintenance contribute to their extended shelf life in construction applications.

How to use?

Installation is simple with slotted holes. Choose the appropriate width based on gap size (50 mm to 500 mm) for effective expansion and contraction. Ideal for retrofit and surface mount installations, providing an economical and efficient solution.


Safety Measures

Prioritize safety during installation by ensuring proper sizing and placement. Be mindful of pedestrian safety with beveled edges. Consider material options based on specific project requirements. Regular inspections and adherence to safety guidelines optimize performance.

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