Proxon CG Pump 40

Hand Operated Grout Pump

PROXON CG PUMP 40 is a versatile, hand-operated cement grout pump, emphasizing efficiency, affordability, simplicity & durability for construction applications.



Suitable for diverse environments, including subways, tunnels, reservoirs, & construction joints, the PROXON INJECTION PUMP 40 excels in epoxy and polyurethane injection work. It addresses hair-line cracks, expansion joints, and site improvements, making it indispensable for upgrading works and concrete construction.

Shelf Life

The PROXON INJECTION PUMP 40 has a commendable shelf life, ensuring long-term reliability. Regular maintenance, including cleaning and proper storage, contributes to preserving its functionality and performance over an extended period.

How to use?


Safety Measures

Prioritize safety during operation. Wear appropriate protective gear, including gloves and eye protection. Keep the work area well-ventilated. Adhere to recommended pressure limits. Familiarize yourself with emergency shutdown procedures. Follow manufacturer guidelines for a secure and accident-free operation.

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