High Pressure Epoxy/PU Grouting Pump

PROXON INJ PUMP 701 is a Compact, 8 Kg Reciprocating Pump, designed for high-pressure grouting. Powerful, versatile, and user-friendly for precise construction applications.



The PROXON INJ PUMP 701 is tailored for Epoxy and Polyurethane Injection Work, accommodating a wide range of materials. It’s versatile application spans subways, tunnels, reservoirs, and various construction sites, addressing hairline cracks, joints, and upgrading projects.

Shelf Life

Benefit from the lasting performance of the PROXON INJECTION PUMP 701 with proper maintenance. Regular cleaning and reassembly contribute to its extended shelf life, providing reliability in grouting applications over an extended period.

How to use?

Operate the PROXON INJ PUMP 701 with ease connect the 5-meter high-pressure hose,power it with AC 220V, and achieve variable speed with the single-speed setting. Its compact body, along with the provided tool kit, ensures convenient & efficient grouting for diverse construction tasks.


Safety Measures

Prioritize safety during operation by adhering to the recommended pressure limits (300-500 Kg/cm²). The pump’s sturdy construction minimizes the risk of deformation, while the provided tool kit and easy repair process ensure safe and efficient usage in grouting operations.

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